Ubuntu, a concept rooted in collective solidarity and mutual support

Has always been at the heart of ZAMWILL’s mission. It epitomizes our unwavering commitment to bringing together a community of women from the African Diaspora who generously share their stories, expertise, and love to mentor the girls and young women destined to become change-makers and future leaders in Zambia.
Our Ubuntu-inspired journey began in 2014 when our founder Racheal Kalaba, encountered a group of out-of-school girls playing football. Moved by their spirit, she rallied friends and coaches to create a winning football team, embarking on a path of empowerment.


with support from our partners

We took a significant step forward by establishing the ZAMWILL Training Centre. Here, we provided essential computer skills training and assertiveness workshops, offering young women the tools they needed to enter the workforce.

In 2017, when a devastating fire in the market jeopardized the livelihoods of over 100 women, ZAMWILL sprang into action. We organized a 5K Run Fundraiser, uniting local businesses as sponsors, the Ministry of Health for a blood drive, and the community to help these women restart their businesses. This exemplified the Ubuntu spirit of collective action.


Today, we continue to evolve

Extending our mission from youth sports development to empowering women entrepreneurs and nurturing tech leadership among Zambian girls. This journey embodies the spirit of Ubuntu, a value that resonates globally and exemplifies the importance of preserving Zambian-specific values. By embracing digital literacy and leadership, we believe that we are shaping a brighter future not just for Zambia, but for the world at large.