Our Projects


Girls Football Team

The ZAMWILL Football Program aims to empower young girls through sports by providing them with the opportunity to develop their football skills, while also imparting essential life skills. Our goal is to nurture confident, resilient, and self-assured young women who can make meaningful contributions to society. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where girls can learn, grow, and excel in both football and life.


Entrepreneurship Skills Development

At ZAMWILL, our mission is to empower Zambian women with the entrepreneurial skills they need to excel in today’s marketplace, all while honoring their rich legacy of contributions to trade and commerce. We strive to cultivate economic self-sufficiency, business acumen, and financial independence among women, recognizing their pivotal roles as market drivers and leaders.


Girls Hackathon Project

 We are dedicated to creating a future where the power of innovation knows no boundaries. Our Girls Hackathon Project is more than just a competition; it’s a revolutionary step towards gender equality and youth empowerment.