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ZAMWILL’s Ubuntu Mentoring Program focuses on the interconnectedness and collective well-being of both the mentee and the mentor. The mentors come from across the African Diaspora to learn and support the Zambian girl child. This is an opportunity for women of color to empower and support the next generation of female leaders.

Through one-on-one mentoring relationships, participants will gain valuable insight and guidance as they navigate their professional journeys. Mentors will also benefit from learning new perspectives, practicing leadership skills, reflecting on their own experiences and expertise, and feeling fulfilled.

Our mentoring program aims to provide transformative experiences for both the mentor and mentee. The program seeks to empower mentees to become active and responsible leaders of their communities, who value the interconnectedness of all people, and who strive for the collective well-being of everyone. Our mentors are women from the African Diaspora who offer a variety of experiences and expertise and are building the next generation of world leaders.